Supported by USEFP (United state Education Foundation Pakistan)

In order to address this emerging need of community/citizen journalism, this project has been design to train young people on community/citizen journalism aiming to raise community voice on development issues. young community leaders emerging as a community journalists are enable to produce documentary, radio program, blogs and news reports on their own community’s social, civic, environment & educational issues. This project proposes promotion of community involvement to highlight their issues by using non-conventional, accessible & modern alternative media (Tools & Technique).
“The Rise of Community Journalism” was an immense success to polish the skills of amateur and rising journalists. Hundreds of young journalists now are engaging in local and national media and using skills and techniques that they learn during training. They are discovering different horizons of Journalism, become an entrepreneur and responsible citizen with creative flair and dare to explore.

2019 supported by
UNEP (United Nations Environment program) & Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS)

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) & Consortium of South Asian Think Tank with Regional Project Energy Security and Climate Change Asia-Pacific (RECAP) have facilitates young people from youth led emerging organizations around the world to get closer, deeper understanding and liberty to create or explore some innovative solutions to address SDGs.
Shelter Participatory organization (SPO) worked with grass root level communities and presenting the case study of urban slum from Pakistan on global forum:

What’s SDGASIA all about:

Youth Leads the change: Getting SDGs down to the ground. In this initiative, we tried to explore and create a localized version of SDGs. This is very unique experience and initiative when young people leading the process to connect global agenda into the grass root level.

We created , accelerated and facilitated a social movement in the community to redefine the development process and explore possibilities to address SDGS specially around climate action and sustainable cities and communities.

We worked in three different dimensions
We demand and display localized version of SDG
We emphasize to reinforce political solution towards development
We highlighted accountability and peoples ownership on the issues through democratic process
All these aspect have been covered to display in the multi media production. Its really interesting to experience and be a part of social mobilization, community actions and media production at the same time. In this project, We had freedom to explore dimension of activism and experience by our own and this is the real beauty/charm of SDGASIA project!

2019- 2021
Supported by;
The Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW)
Danish Family Planning Association (DFPA)

The Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW) and the Danish Family Planning Association (DFPA) have come together to form the Women & Earth Initiative (WORTH Initiative). ARROW and the DFPA are long-time partners working together on programmatic and global advocacy level. ARROW and DFPA have been working with the nexus between climate change and SRHR, ultimately leading to the creation of WORTH Initiative. SPO is amongest first ever WORTH grantee in 2019.
Under WORTH Innitative SPO designed a Media advocacy project that aims to enabling young people to unleash their creativity and develop new integrated solutions to gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, environmental sustainability, and climate change adaptation challenges.
Advocacy with media plays an instrumental role to address the issue of women & SRHR in climate action. Media Molds project has been designed to advocacate with Media outlets and capacity building of Journalist to creat space, more exposure, understanding amongst media persons and outlets to create awareness around the subject that will lead more coverage and in-depth information/stories arises around the subject.
More than 100 Journalist and media mangers are capacitated to use multimedia production including Print, electronic, online medium to advocate the issue for creatinine momentum, awareness and ensure accountability.

Social behaviour change communication (SBCC) is a vital element to promote behaviour change within the communities for the successful implementation of any development plan and project objectives.
Undertaking multi-sectoral SBCC campaign to mobilize individuals and communities to adopt behaviors for or an effective implementation of SBCC campaign. To stimulate behavior change, different set of strategic approaches will be used including outreach activities like community-wide sessions, one-on-one counseling, theatre activities like street and Community Theater. These people- center theater activities always up deeper connection and massage delivery in the community through strong performances and human – interest stories
In continuation of the behavior change communication process, community and provincial level, Shelter Participatory organization are conducted through role-play activities that will be addressed existing development and social issues.
These community theater activities have been organized with support of many other development organization, also SPO extended its services to other organization for this unique performing Art.

Social Change through Visual Art – Photography & short Videos
SPO’s own intervention
Ongoing activity

An image of an event, or a place, can create a lot more connection than written words or stories; humans are visual. 
Shelter Participatory organization created a space & an opportunity to use photography and short video to bring social change.
We believe that the tool of photography and video are useful medium for influencing social change because it makes visual statements believable, it can bring about empathetic awareness that can lead to reform.
video as an approach to support social movements, document rights violations, raise awareness and share knowledge on social or environmental issues, or to otherwise contribute to social change.

Clean Green Community (CGC) program
Shelter Participatory Organization own intervention

This community intervention aims to engage in climate and environment justice in SPO’s work. Young people encourage to participant in community activities and done community actions to find their voice in sustainable urban development and develop their visions of how a Green City could support a healthy lifestyle with the help of the key objectives of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through promoting organic material, discourage plastic material, plantation drive and other small social actions are leading Green Urban Environment.

The rise of community journalism


Media Molds

Media & Performing Art

Clean Green Community